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Small baby with Down syndrome, New Directions

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Down syndrome is the most frequently occurring genetic condition, affecting 1 in 691 live births…

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Message from New Directions 2014 President
Stacey Rolling

Question asked to our daughter Kate (6 Ds) “What is it like to be Kate?” and her reply: “AWESOME!”
That pretty much sums up my families feelings about Down syndrome. My name is Stacey Rolling and I am New Directions’2014 President. My husband Kenny, our children and I have lived in Luverne, MN for 6 years and have been active members of New Directions for just as long.  I work part-time for the Luverne school district as a paraprofessional and also volunteer my time not only for New Directions but also for three other local Luverne organizations. Kenny works for the city of Luverne as a manager and we have two children Henry 11 (6th grade) and Kate 6 (Kindergarten).  From being on the New Directions board as the 2013 Vice President, I have come to appreciate even more, all the work, the decision making, and of course the fun that is involved with these volunteer board positions. Advocating for all children/adults with Down syndrome, networking with other families, directing families to available resources, financial assistance and enjoying all the planned activities is what New Directions is about.  There are a lot of family activities planned for this year and I hope that 2014 finds you being an even more active member, enjoying our planned activities and utilizing our member benefits!  I also hope this new year finds your family blessed with many wonderful adventures!

~Stacey Rolling, President NDDSA

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